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WordPress Plugins: 7 Best Plugins for Mobile Optimization


Those who would rather not switch their WordPress websites’ looks and feel (Good job, Consistency) but still need to reach out properly to their mobile-using visitors have two options. First, hire a developer to make a custom responsive theme based on your current design. Second, solve the problem like any other problem on WordPress can be solved – with a plugin.

In this post, I’ve listed 7 of the best mobile optimization plugins for WordPress websites. These include features like theme switching, mobile-templates, content optimizing, device detection, et al.


1. The Mobile Theme Module by Jetpack

o   Usage Stats: 1 million+ Active Installs
o   Rating: 4/5
o   Available at: WordPress Plugin Directory

Jetpack by

Jetpack by Automattic needs no introduction – It’s a feature packed plugin developed by the company behind itself.

While there are enough features in the entirely free and fantastic Jetpack to warrant an entire post, we’ll talk about the Mobile Theme feature. Once activated, the plugin’s own mobile theme is the only one that gets uploaded on mobile-users’ devices as they visit your website.

The Jetpack theme is not only mobile-friendly, it is also optimized for performance and SEO, and looks stunning to boot. Essentially, more than half your work is done with respect to your mobile audience thanks to Jetpack mobile theme.

2. WordPress Mobile Pack

o   Usage Stats: 20K+ Active Installs
o   Rating: 3.1/5
o   Available at: WordPress Plugin Directory

WordPress Mobile Pack

Unlike other mobile optimization plugins, Mobile Pack creates an HTML5 web app for your website. Since it creates a web app for your domain, you get the equivalent of a mobile app that’s cross platform and browser compatible.

The plugin and output is highly configurable, with multiples controls over customization, themes, Google Analytics integration (with mobile web app only), and working with Google AdSense or DoubleClick to generate revenue, offline sync, etc.

The web app looks and works beautifully too, which is exactly the kind of impression you want your website/app to leave.


3. WPtouch Mobile Plugin

o   Usage Stats: 300K+ Active Installs
o   Rating: 3.5/5
o   Available at: WordPress. Plugin Directory

WPtouch Mobile Plugin

WPtouch and its premium older brother WP Touch Pro is, quite frankly, a complete mobile suiteyou’re your WordPress website.

The free plugin features include theme switching, along with a brilliant control panel with styling and customization options for a mobile theme built entirely on HTML and CSS. The output is an SEO ready mobile theme that loads blazingly fast on every mobile device and browser in the market.

Premium option is available as ‘bundles’ with OTP (one time purchase) prices from $88-$259. You can also create your own license of features (from available add-ons) for a custom price.

It’s one of the most remarkably noted mobile optimization plugins for WordPress.

4. Any Mobile Theme Switcher

o   Usage Stats: 30K+ Active Installs
o   Rating: 4.9/5
o   Available at: WordPress Plugin Directory


Exactly what it says in the title

Any mobile theme switcher works wonderfully across platforms and a range of popular browsers to let you load different themes for mobile users and desktop.

Note that the plugin does not create a mobile theme. It simply detects the device and browser, and loads the most appropriate theme, but the theme/template has to come from you. The plugin will simply give you options to define what to show to different users.

For UX-conscious businesses and WordPress websites, this plugin will save a lot of time and help them create a better user experience playing off of platform + browser strengths.

The pro version works nicely with W3 Total Cache, converts phone numbers displayed on your site (to mobile audience) into ‘Click to Call’ buttons, and displays QR code on desktop version for mobile bookmarking.

5. Mobile Smart

o   Usage Stats: 9K+ Active Installs
o   Rating: 4.4/5
o   Available at: WordPress Plugin Directory

Mobile Smart

Like the previous entry, Mobile Smart will detect users’ device and let your selected theme showcase the website for them.

From the front end, users can still switch between standard and mobile theme. Again, keep in mind that the plugin merely switches and gives you controls to set different themes for different devices. It doesn’t actually create mobile themes on its own.

6. iThemes Mobile

o   Available at: iThemes
o   Price: Starting from $45 to $150 based on number of websites/licenses


You must have heard of that quaint little marketplace of WordPress goodies called iThemes? If not, check it out now and you’ll not be disappointed.

iThemes mobile does create a mobile theme, and you’ll love it. It has a beautifully easy to use style manager and 4 superb themes prepackaged, but you can create and use your own if you want. You can customize mobile themes’ fonts, navigation, header, footer, and more. The plugin, like WordPress core itself, supports custom mobile navigation and lets you create on through its interface.

After WPtouch Pro, this is the best plugin for mobile optimization.

7. WP Mobile Detect

o   Usage Stats: 10K+ Active Installs
o   Rating: 4.8/5
o   Available at: WordPress Plugin Directory

WP Mobile Detect

This one is a beauty.

For those of you who don’t lose their wits at the mention of anything code-like, WP Mobile Detect will work like a charm to optimize your content perfectly for mobile. It works via shortcodes.

The plugin is basically a list of nicely done shortcodes that you can use from right within your TinyMCE (post) editor in WordPress dashboard. These give you a far greater control over what to show/ hide and how to show/hide it.


Last bit of advice:

While not included in this list, media optimization plugins are absolutely essential for a good mobile UX! Smaller devices have narrower bandwidths, and a heavy page with large images will chew it up in seconds. Use plugins like EWWW Image Optimizer, WP, W3Total Cache etc. to keep your performance scores at the very top.


For those who don’t have want to part with their site design, some of these plugins will be a huge help. Choose well, and share your thoughts on the same with us in the comments below.

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