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Web Design Trends in 2015

Web Design Trends in 2015

Web design trends in 2015: The following is a compilation of web design trends that will be indispensable for 2015. This year, 2015 will be a year of continuation, evolution and consolidation for many trends started in 2014.

1. A full screen

Large format images and videos in HTML5 will populate websites, being more than decorative and making the site look pretty – but being the backbone of the website. Videos will form part of the background of a website – why write it when you can say it! This is not limited to just the backgrounds, full-screen graphics and images of a high quality, will be the substitute for traditional sliders, thereby being the main element used to capture a user’s attention. The influence of Instagram and Pinterest are key in expanding the image as the most valuable content of a site, with the trend gaining momentum.

2. Flat design continues

The flat design has been the major design trend throughout 2014 and 2015 seems to have no intention of abandoning it. Its simplicity, cleanliness and use of spot colors continue to be used by many web designers.

3. Minimalism and fonts

Minimalism has been imposed throughout 2014 and will continue in 2015. Simpler designs and light colors will populate the Internet. To compensate for this minimalism, the use of original typefaces are imposed and maintained as a further key element in the design of a website. So there is no forgetting New Times Roman.

4. Transparent buttons

Ghost buttons lead to extreme minimalism leaving the typical web buttons in their simplest form: text, a transparent box and a hover effect, nothing more. Very useful for making calls to action.

5. Scroll and parallax storytelling

To design web pages with scrolls that seem infinite and have parallax effects are a widespread tendency from a couple of years ago. In 2015, this will stay as the design preferred by users as they are perfect for browsing on devices. A website which scrolls means we can not only achieve a beautiful and dramatic design, they are perfect for developing the contents as if they were a story. Therefore web scroll and storytelling will go hand in hand in 2015.

6. More dominant Responsive Design

Although it may seem obvious, there are still thousands of websites that are not optimised for responsive design, ie they are not adapted for mobile devices and are therefore losing all the advantages this offers. 2015 must be the year in which, finally, most websites and webmasters will acknowledge the unstoppable rise of smartphones and tablets. This could be one of the most important aspects of web design trends in 2015 that should not be ignored.

7. The three stripes menus for mobile

The establishment and growth of navigation on mobile devices are imposing the three stripes of responsive websites in the desktop format, making the traditional menu format a thing of the past. This is a perfect example of how we are changing our user experience on the Internet.

By following articles on web design trends in 2015, hopefully more sites will be slicker and more streamlined.

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