Review: Nikon z7 (A Most Frustrating Camera in the Most Subtle of Ways)

When I first had the chance to play with the Nikon z7, I felt like Nikon had given us a with camera a whole lot of promise despite guaranteeing a groan out of a photographer every time that they try to bring their images onto their computer. But then we found issues with the autofocus, and quite frankly some of those autofocus issues were pretty awful. On paper, the Nikon z7 sounds like it would knock the ball out of the park. In real life practice though, it wasn’t up to par of so many other options out there. But with a BSI 45.7MP full frame sensor that has 493 focusing points, this seems like a camera that is a dream for so many shooters out there. Unfortunately, it’s not pulling me away from Sony any time soon.

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