Fadi BouKaram: The Photographer On a Quest To Visit Every Lebanon In The US

That opening may sound like a set up for a joke without a proper punchline, but in actual fact, it’s the truth. Born in Beruit, Fadi BouKaram is no stranger to Lebanon. He grew up in the war-torn nation, where the only remains of people are the photographs that survived them. Fadi has a deep-rooted passion for photography that was born in the most difficult of circumstances.

Meanwhile, across the North Atlantic is America – the self-proclaimed land of the free. But unbeknown to some, there is also a Lebanon in the world’s most powerful nation – in fact, there are 43 of them.
Intrigued by the history and relationship with America and Lebanon, BouKaram decided to pay a visit…to each and every one of them. With his itinerary set out and his camera in hand, the project came to life. We’re going to catch up with him to see how he has been getting on.

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