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Facebook Page vs Profile – What’s the Difference?

Facebook Page vs Profile

Facebook Page vs Profile: A common mistake that SMEs make when getting started on Facebook is to open a profile and start using it for a business. It is often ignorance of the Fan Page, and partly not wanting to lose the “friends” already accrued, but mostly it is not understanding the difference between the two: Facebook Profile and Fan Page.

This post will briefly explain these differences and provide some benefits of having a Fan Page.

First of all, the rules for using Facebook says: “A profile represents individuals and must be held under an individual name, while Pages allow an organization, company or brand to maintain a professional presence on Facebook”. This means that you should not use a Personal Profile for commercial use.

The Fan Page provides more tools to promote your business, and Facebook can ban all personal profiles that are used to market a brand. Is it really worth losing everything by not doing the correct thing? Anyone, at any time, can report a Profile to Facebook for illegal activity, which Facebook will investigate and make a decision upon.

Facebook Page vs Profile – Advantages of a Fan Page

The information on your Fan Page is immediately visible to all – you do not have to wait to be accepted as a “friend”. As a “brand” you want to gain the greatest number of people arriving at your Fan Page. If they like what they see they will give you a “like”!!

If you cannot analyse your market – you can not beat the competition. The Fan Page offers interesting statistics of your impact, interaction, and followers etc. This information will serve to improve your marketing strategy on Facebook. This information is indispensable.

The Fan Page provides better positioning in search results. Your posts will be scanned and indexed by search engines who use this information to improve the results that show when people search for specific topics. Therefore, a Fan Page gives you a better chance of being found in the search engines and by using SEO keywords, videos, articles, etc. . this gives more credibility and interest – so higher rankings.

You can create advertisements for your Fan Page with ads or sponsored articles. The level of specifically targeted advertising that can be achieved with this method is unlimited.

Landing Page
You can create a home page inviting people to follow you and promote an event, product or service. There are many applications that allow you to attach these ads for free or at a very low cost.

From a Fan Page, you can send messages to all your followers at one time. On a personal profile, you can only send the message to 20 friends at a time.

As the Fan Page is designed specifically for businesses and products, there are thousands of applications you can add to your strategy very effectively on Facebook. Example: contests, photo galleries, registration applications, games, blogs, links to other social media such as Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, etc. Using these applications will vary according to your business area and objectives.

You can organize Forums to increase your connection and interaction with Followers. Personal profiles do not have this functionality.

These are just some of the benefits that a Fan Page offers, with endless possibilities that can enable an advertising campaign to go viral if done properly.

And finally…

There is an option in Facebook that allows you to migrate your Profile Information to your Fan Page, but this can be problematic and you may lose all your contacts using this option. Use this carefully.

The best advice is to open your Fan Page and start posting in it, invite all your friends on your Profile Page to view your new Fan Page and give you a “like”, you can alternatively start a contest or promotion to bring them to your new Fan Page. This will be time-consuming and will require constant communication, but avoid posting new information in your Profile Page to encourage people to your new Fan Page. It will be a benefit to your business in the long term.

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