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Discover What Is Really Important In SEO

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When it comes to SEO, it is always of paramount importance to know what to focus on. Because the SEO industry is such a vast one, containing a myriad of strategies, tactics and components, you should be aware of the most important SEO principles. If you will not focus on what really matters, you can waste precious time focusing on activities not so rewarding as expected.

A Growing Importance

According to the latest studies conducted all across the world, the importance of the SEO industry continues to grow, not only globally, but also locally. More and more local business owners are coming to realize the huge benefits of investing in SEO. A recent report published by Forrester Research brings some important facts to the table. According to this report, the influence of social media marketing climbed from 7% in 2011 to over 32% in 2013. Also, the importance of SEO has increased to 54% from 50% last year, with more and more businesses realizing the huge need of having a strong presence online.

SEO is a very complex combination of on and off-site configurations, so it is recommended to let the pros do the SEO part in your company. However, there are some basic SEO things everybody should know. If for example you are an affiliate marketer and you simply don’t afford spending around $100 per month for SEO services, the following SEO principles could come in handy. Even if you are considering as you SEO service provider, you can use these principles as a guideline.

Discover What Is Really Important in SEO

6 Top SEO Principles that are Really Important

In order to discover what is important in SEO, you need to know how to answer the following questions:

1. How Important is Content in an SEO Strategy?

Content is king! Never forget that. Unique content is considered the stepping stone of any good SEO strategy. Without original, appealing and strong content, no one will ever visit your website. Moreover, if Google finds out that your content is spun or not relevant to your niche, they will certainly penalize you. In order for the SEO strategy and tactics to work, your content must be good.

2. Should I Cooperate with Google?

Definitely yes. Google is the engine behind the whole SEO process, so obviously you should work with them, not against them. Any black-hat SEO tactics such as link-farming, spun content, keyword stuffing or gateway pages will lead to your destruction, so they should be avoided. Instead, focus on optimizing your website for Google, using all their tools: Google Places, Google+, AdWords, Google Trends and Keyword Planner. Moreover, try to optimize your company for local search using GeoTargeting, Google Express and local SEO.

3. Should I Delete Old Articles?

It is recommended to do so. If some of your articles are more than two years old and have lost their interest for your potential readers, it is of no use to keep them anymore. Google will find all of these articles and lower your Page Rank as a consequence, because Google hates outdated content.

4. Should the Title Begin with the Main Keyword?

This is a very good question. The right answer is yes. For your website’s rankings to improve, it is of paramount importance to make sure the title tag is well optimized. In order to do so, place the keyword in the title. Even if you might not be able to put it in the beginning of the title, try to fit it in there somewhere as long as it makes sense and appears natural.

5. Should I avoid Reciprocal Links?

Unlike authority links, reciprocal links have null SEO value because they return the same link. This is considered a gray hat technique, neither white nor black. However, Google has begun to penalize these moves, so try to keep away from it as much as possible.

6. Should I Use Reviews?

Definitely. After content, social media and links, reviews are the most important aspect of a good SEO strategy. By making sure you have a strong presence on websites like Foursquare or Yelp, you offer further relevance to potential customers looking for your local business. Also, it is a valuable SEO tool, because Google somehow decides to rank local business reviews extremely high in search results.

Final Words

Content, social media, reviews and video marketing are extremely powerful SEO tools that should be used at their highest potential. Use these 6 criteria in order to discover what is important in SEO and get a competitive advantage over your competitors.

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This post is written by Larry Smith, the Director of Internet Marketing at Neueseo, who is an expert in Web Development, Online Advertising, SEO and a specialist in the management of Google AdWords Advertising Campaigns.

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