Camera Bag Review: Portage Supply Kenora Backpack (4th Generation)

When I was first told about the Portage Supply Kenora Backpack by my buddy Travis, I went out and bought the 3rd generation backpack off of Amazon at his pointing them out. But after establishing a press relationship with the company, I was told about their 4th generation backpack–and for every day use this has to be one of the best options that isn’t a roll top camera bag. The Portage Supply Kenora Backpack has it all: looks, ruggedness, leather, canvas, quick access, and most importantly it’s comfortable. In fact, it’s the only backpack I’ve used that doesn’t have straps to secure it around your chest that I like. Why? Well, in real life use I realized that the design is in such a way that it doesn’t need them. Yes, seriously–it doesn’t need them.

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