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Boost Your Brand With Professional Colour Management

In a competitive market it is important for a business to stand out, and a great way to boost your brand is by paying particular attention to colour management. The unique use of colour in your logo will make it easier for consumers to distinguish your brand from similar products in the same market.

However, professional colour management is not just about picking the most appropriate colour. It is an integral part of branding that requires attention to detail and accuracy in colour reproduction. The colour that is chosen for a logo or brand name should be exactly the same wherever it appears. Be it on packaging and labelling or letterheads and business cards, uniformity is key.

Consistent Branding Across All Channels

Branding should always be consistent. A successful brand is one that people can instantly identify from the logo, tagline or a combination of colours alone. Often, it is not even necessary for a brand name to actually appear in order for a customer to know what it represents.

Big name brands are always recognisable through one of several elements that represent the company or its line of products. This could be a unique logo, catchphrase, font or emblem – just think of the Nike ‘Swoosh’ or Apple’s apple. A brand’s colour choice is also an integral part of the process.

The Influence of Colour on Consumer Purchases

Each colour has its own subliminal meaning to us and, because of this, they can each have a different effect on customers. In fact, statistics show that colour has an influence on 80% of consumers when it comes to brand recognition.

A warm colour is a sign of high energy and excitement, while a cool one indicates calmness and reliability. It stands to reason then that you can boost your brand with an appropriate choice of colour, yet many new companies overlook this detail.

With this in mind, let’s take a quick look at exactly what each of the individual colours represent to our subconscious:

Warm Colours:

• Red – An attention grabbing colour that represents high energy and passion

• Yellow – Eye-catching and associated with light, warmth, positivity, motivation, optimism and creativity

• Orange – Vibrant, exuberant and fun, representing vitality and excitement

• Black – Classically sophisticated and often used to reflect timelessness, prestige and high value

Cold Colours:

• White – Often used for healthcare and children’s products because of its associations with softness, purity and cleanliness

• Purple – Associated with royalty, it can add a touch of sophistication or an element of luxury

• Blue – Puts people at ease and is associated with dependability (it is the most widely used colour in business branding)

• Brown – Implies that something is durable, earthy, natural or simplistic

• Green – Associated with cleanliness and denotes prestige; pale greens provide a sense of serenity and darker greens denote affluence

The Importance of Accurate Colour Reproduction

Professional colour management relies on good communication and careful monitoring. Accuracy and consistency in colour reproduction are absolutely essential for the success of a brand. In order to maintain consistency, you will need to provide exact colour samples for each component every time your brand logo is to be duplicated. Equally, it is vital that you thoroughly check the quality before approving proofs for printed items.

When the same colour is used on an offset printed board, it can look quite different from when it appears on gravure printed clear film packaging. Printers and packaging manufacturers will have to formulate ink that is a specific match or they’ll need to factor in the unique characteristics of the precise colour that represents your brand in order to achieve perfection.

The last word: Consistency is key

Colour will boost your brand only when it is kept consistent. Failing to ensure that your company colours are uniform can lead to confusion and a lack of trust in your product or service.

Once an appropriate colour is established to represent your brand, there is no place for ambiguity. Ensuring that your brand’s colours are the same across all media will help cement your company in the minds of those who matter most – your customers.

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