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7 Tech Innovations From 2014 That Will Go Down In History

We all benefit from evolving technology but what key developments from 2014 will we still be talking about in years to come?

As Big Ben chimed and 2013 became 2014, there were high hopes for the tech industry. The year just gone has been full of exciting developments and there was real hope that some of those innovations would mark 2014 as a vintage year for technology. So as we prepare to say goodbye to 2014, did those expectations become a reality? We’re going to take a look at seven of the biggest tech innovations of the year to find out.

USB Type-C

First on our list is the humble USB. Hang on, you might say. That’s hardly new, is it? Well, yes and no. While the USB as we know it has been around for years, the USB Type-C is reversible, meaning no more putting it in the wrong way – saving a lot of frustration for anyone who uses one frequently. It’s also faster and more powerful, with a speed of 10Gbps and an impressive 100 watts of power.

Samsung Gear VR Headset

The Samsung Gear VR headset is making virtual reality, well, a reality! Using the Galaxy Note phablet as the ‘brains’ and the headset as the eyes, users can experience breath-taking virtual reality powered with Occulus software. It doesn’t need wires either, making for an even more immersive experience.


We all use it, so the evolution of WiFi was big news in 2014. 802.11ac became the current generation of WiFi and bought with it fast speed, almost double that of 802.11n routers. It’s so fast, groups are trying to quickly create new Ethernet standards so that wired networks can keep up.

3D printing

3D printing has been an exciting concept for a number of years but it was in 2014 that it really took a leap forward. The technology has become so advanced that engine parts, sweets, musical instruments and even tissues for human organs have been printed. It’s proving to be something that shows how technology can improve all areas of our lives.


We’ve got wireless internet, now we have wireless electricity. WiTricity uses a coil that creates a magnetic field, which then can charge objects up to 8ft away. It’s been tested on cars, PCs and more and could be the standard way of charging electronic goods within a decade.

Smart watches

Smart watches are part of the growing ‘wearable technology’ trend. Blending consumer electronics and fashion, they can perform a number of functions such as sending messages, tracking fitness, giving directions and of course, telling the time too.

Hybrid laptops

Hybrid laptops have the function of both a laptop and a tablet, although they’re a lot more than a halfway house between the two. The touchscreen is detachable, meaning that you can use it as a laptop at home but as a tablet on the go – it’s a product that is totally adaptable to your needs.

Will 2015 be even better?

As you can see, 2014 has been jam-packed with pioneering technological achievements. From something that can track your morning run to tech that is revolutionising modern medicine, this has been a great year for brave, innovative developments in this sector. As we look towards 2015, there are high hopes that it can surpass all that we’ve achieved this year – but that certainly won’t be easy.

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